About Konita Brazil

KONITA BRASIL was created in 1996, with the objective of supplying the Brazilian graphic industry's need for conventional and thermal digital offset printing plates. Since then, we are very proud to be part of this evolution trajectory in the graphic industry, and in the state of the art of printed communication, including the launch of new solutions.

Attentive to innovations, we also invest in the training of our employees and representatives, so that they provide quality support and service to the customer, offering agility in the delivery of products and services throughout the country.

KONITA BRASIL has a clear mission, vision and values to leave its mark on the growth and evolution of graphic communication in the country.

Konita do Brasil was born to provide the Brazilian graphic communication market with solutions and services with the highest quality and technological innovation at an excellent cost-benefit ratio to our market's customers, providing full user satisfaction with personalized services that go beyond our products.

Ensuring Excellent customer service, becoming a reference import company in the graphic communication market, distributing throughout the national territory for the next 2 years.

Appreciation of People.
Focus on the customer.
Excellent in Service.
Professional ethics.
Proactivity and Customized Solutions.

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A glimpse of black and white for…


Through the creative packaging line, Arjowiggins Creative Papers offers stiffer papers, especially suitable for creasing and folding or for laminating in rigid boxes.

Meet Delos with its high whiteness and rough finish, Butterfly with its smooth natural finish, Arjopack Extra Black with its deep color and Guarro Casas papers with a wide variety of embossed patterns.

With a modern yet simple design, all white tones are patterned while blacks are subtly varnished. As for the introductory booklet, it was produced with various micro-embossing patterns thanks to collaboration with h+m and Kurz.


Curious Metallics – New colors


When creatives select paper, their first criterion is often color. By broadening the spectrum of our product lines, we aim to inspire creativity and make the unique physical qualities of our papers accessible in a much wider range of projects.

Curious Metallics is our range of natural woven papers and boards designed to bring a sophisticated metallic shine to premium prints and packaging. With the addition of 15 new subtle colors, we now have a palette of 30 colors to work with, from cool Aloe and Aquamarine to Night, a black as dark and deep as obsidian.

The new Curious Metallics spectrum is organized into eight ‘families’ to simplify paper mixing and matching. Each family contains colors that clearly relate to each other and blend in easily. The different shades in each family also complement the shades of other color families in the Arjowiggins palette, enabling harmonious combinations in infinitely sophisticated and new ranges.

Following the recent launch of the new Keaykolour spectrum, the extension of the Curious Metallics palette is the latest step in Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ mission to become the international standards papermaking source for creative papers.

A new approach to color selection


The new Keaykolour and Curious Metallics tool is a true celebration of color. We chose to honor these two ranges with a double box that features the complementary colors and finishes of these two iconic collections.

Defining color patterns on creative papers

As part of our close collaboration with color expert Atelier 3D Couleur in 2018, we have completely revamped our color papers collection to create a comprehensive, contemporary and coherent color offering. The color palettes of each paper strip have been meticulously selected to provide maximum matching and harmony within and between the strips, expanding opportunities to match different papers in printing and packaging applications.

The two gamuts are built in color families making it easy to combine colors – bright, deep, pastels or shades of blues, reds, greens… Each color can work on its own, but it can also be easily associated with other colors in your family of colors – in pairs or groupings – or, ultimately, all the colors in the gamut mixed together, creating infinite combinations.

The new tool, designed by our long-time partner North, takes the form of a dual box set and highlights matching color pairs from the two ranges, as well as the complementarity of the two color palettes, demonstrating our mastery of color creation, development and correspondence. A smart cut design reveals the beautiful bulk-dyed edges of each sheet and allows customers to change the top sheet to view different color combinations.

A highlight on two iconic complementary tracks

Keaykolour  is a collection of natural, textured, high-rigidity papers and boards in 48 sophisticated midtone colors, organized into nine chromatically harmonized color families. It also includes a choice of 100% recycled products as well as a range of 13 stamping patterns.

The Curious Metallics collection brings a shimmering glow to eight coherent families of soft, natural tones, along with a small number of more resonant contemporary colors, on a wide variety of papers and boards.

The 48 colors of Keaykolour combined with the 30 colors of Curious Metallics create a harmonious palette of nearly 80 colors that reveals the power of creative combinations between the refined, natural texture of Keaykolour and the ever-so-subtle shine of Curious Metallics.